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Our Story

Southern California native Toni Thomas first fell in love with the art of cooking as a young girl in her grandmother's kitchen...

She was drawn to basketball at the age of 12, eventually played abroad professionally in several different countries, and spent 5 years as a Division I basketball coach. Toni's time spent around the world exposed her to different cultures and flavors and before long, she knew it was time to get back in the kitchen.


Through her experience abroad and the foundation of southern, creole, and Latin inspired cuisine she has developed both a passion and a palate for food that speaks to your soul.  Toni draws inspiration for her menus from local waters, farms and markets which are in abundance in the region she called home, Pacific Northwest.


Today, Toni continues to offer her services far and wide. She's started Blk Pepper LLC., a supper club that specializes in tasting menus for parties of all sizes. She takes pride in continuing to educate herself with new techniques, recipes and approaches and is looking forward to serving people who want to eat, and want to eat damn good.

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